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"Exceptionally well connected within Private Practice throughout the UK & Ireland....."

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Partner Moves

Oscar James Partners are an authority in the engagement and redeployment of Partner level solicitors. We also work closely with high performing Associates to help secure them a seat at the Partnership table.

Team &

Department Moves

On a yearly basis we relocate millions of pounds worth of Private Practice fees to more appropriately suited law firms.  This allows these portable blocks of business to be incubated, nurtured and developed. 

Partner Search

  If your firm seeks to replace a departing Partner, add a turnkey new Practice area, succession plan or simply has a desire for fresh talent, Oscar James Partners has the network and expertise to realise these plans within stringent, timebound parameters.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Ready to discuss a new Partnership?

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Who should speak to us?

 A Partner level lawyer seeking a move to a new firm, but wants this move handled with the utmost discretion.


An entrepreneurial law firm requiring access to Partner level talent not accessible through other means and sources.


The Senior or Managing Partner of a boutique law firm who has ideas of retirement and seeks to succession plan.



An ambitious and developing law firm seeking to add another Practice area through acquisition of a Partner, a caseload and supporting team.


A firm seeking to replace an existing or departing Partner and caseload.


A high performing Senior Associate who sees no advancement opportunity in their current firm and deserves the opportunity to take up Partnership elsewhere.


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